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Venetian PLaster.

Versatile, durable and decorative.

Whether you’re planning a smooth finish or a heavily textured surface, we’ll bring your vision to life. Choose from a range of quality, lime-based polished plasters, perfect for elegant interior and exterior surfaces.

Tried and tested

Venetian plasters are lime-based, mineral plasters with maximum water vapour permeability, promoting the natural diffusion of environmental damp, making it naturally mould and bacteria resistant. Plus, it’s a durable and low-maintenance option for both interior and exterior surfaces.

All MP Venetian
plasters are:

Venetian plaster effects.

Rasato Fine

For a natural, smooth, semi-gloss finish.

Made from the finest lime in the authentic Italian tradition, the fine grain creates a naturally smooth surface. Suitable for interior and exterior surfaces.

Application: Stainless steel trowel

Marmo di

For a super glossy finish.

Sophisticated and elegant finish ideal for modern interior design as well as restoration and preservation of historical buildings.

Application: Stainless steel trowel

Rasato Travertino

Ideal for travertine, dragged, pitted, scratched and polished effects.

Natural lime-based mineral plaster with selected marble powder. Thanks to its grain size, we can create a variety of patterns, and textured effects, like the sought-after travertine stone effect, for a natural and refined look.

Application: Stainless steel trowel

Cera per Stucco di Venezia (wax)

For a high-gloss, water-repellent and protective coat.

Clear, water-based natural beeswax. It’s ideal for the protection of Venetian plaster, polished plaster and other lime-based plasters to increase gloss, smoothness and resistance to dirt, oil and water. It doesn’t yellow over time. Suitable for interior surfaces.

Application: Stainless steel trowel with rounded edges and blade Polish with woollen cloth or electric buffer.

Marmo di Venezia Sapone (wax)

Natural water-repellent sealer.

Eco-friendly, natural beeswax product for improved gloss and a smooth finish for mineral plasters. It promotes hardening of lime-based finishes and increases water repellency and resistance to dirt. Specially formulated for Marmo di Venezia, it’s suitable for all Venetian plasters, stucco, polished plaster, lime-based mineral paints and plasters. 

Application: Stainless steel trowel polish with woollen cloth or electric buffer.


Primer, linking-coat and finishing coat.

Smartcoat is ideal for evening out surfaces, reducing absorbency and guaranteeing good adhesion of the subsequent coat. Used as a primer for emulsions and decorative paints, linking coat for mineral finishes and a finishing coat on both interior and exterior surfaces. Available in three different grains: extra fine, medium and coarse.

Application: Brush or roller

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