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Meet the Director.

Ryan Ricupero

With more than 17 years in the construction industry, I started Exclusive Finishes WA in 2017, to complement my expanding plastering and rendering business of 15 years.

Exclusive Finishes WA is a Venetian plastering company that provides alternative, high-end decorative finishes for interior and exterior surfaces, using traditional Italian products and techniques.

I’ve been trained one-on-one by Venetian artisans, and regularly return to Italy to stay up to date with product development, innovation, new techniques and ideas.

Seamless finishes.

the ultimate in luxury and style

With Exclusive Finishes WA, creating timeless, high-end designs for residential, commercial and industrial spaces has never been easier. We specialise in seamless internal and external finishes with no joins or grout lines for walls, floors and ceilings giving you the bespoke, luxury look you love that’s both durable and low maintenance.

Superior Quality.

We guarantee the quality and efficiency of our products and workmanship. As reliable and professional artisans, we take pride in delivering on our promises, working closely with you to create ultimate high-end decorative finishes.

Meet the Team.

Alex James

Chief Strategist

Tony Eves


Mary Jane

Marketing Director

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